• About Biltmore & Main

In the 1630’s, the original settlers from England first landed in the Massachusetts Bay Colonies of Lynn and Salem.  9 years later, the citizens of Lynn asked the government to grant them land for an “inland plantation”.  They gave the settlers 10 square miles, and was called “Lynn Village”, which sat on the southern portion of Lake Quannapowitt, or “Great Pond”.  In 1644, Reading joined the colonies, named after Reading in England.

Massachusetts Route 28, or known as the Andover-Medford Turnpike back in the day was established in 1806 to be used as a means of travelling to Boston and surrounding towns.  The Boston and Maine Railroad was built in 1845, and with it running through the town, it allowed Reading to have better access to the colonies south, and therefore creating a means for becoming a manufacturing town.  There were many factories that began to manufacture products to sell or trade such as Sylvester Harden’s furniture, Daniel Pratt’s clocks, and Samuel Pierce’s organ factory.  This started the ball rolling, and by mid-nineteenth century there were 13 businesses mainly in the business of making chairs and cabinets.  Shoes, caskets, and neckties were next to follow.  During the Civil War, business declined and some of the factories went out of business.   The Eastern Massachusetts Railway was established by the 20th century, and provided a means of transportation to Boston on the Boston and Maine Railroad.

Our restaurant’s name Biltmore & Main is a play on the Boston and Maine Railroad that made Reading the town that it is today.  We wanted to recognize the hard work of the founders of Reading and celebrate the strong American history of the city with a classic American tavern focused on the needs of the families of Reading.